Ginjo Premier  Junmai Ginjo

Unfiltered Junmai

Ginza No Suume

Ozeki Dry

Ozeki Junmai

Karatamba Honjoza

Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake

Renowned for its fruity fragrance, this carefully crafted sake is brewed from highly refined rice to create a pure sake with a rich, complex flavor and strikingly smooth finish.

Rich, creamy and fruity - this unfiltered sake is milky in color and preserves the essence of rice.

Aged in an oak bourbon whisky barrel creating mellow taste and golden color.  High class barley shochu with well balanced taste.

This airy sake is light, dry and delicate on the palate with a refreshing fruitness.

This well balanced traditional sake is full-bodied with a light melon flavor.

This crisp, dry medium bodied sake has a light vanilla flavor and slight nuttiness.

This refreshing sake brings your taste buds alive with a cheerful balance of bursting sweetness, bright fruit flavors, and tangy bubbles.
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