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Large sushi/sashimi trays

by Yong Tingley on 06/01/10

1. Jon said on 5/23/10 - 06:41PM

Do you still offer the large sushi/sashimi trays? they used to be $50, 70 & 90?

2. Take Sushi said on 6/1/10 - 08:25AM

John- Thank you for your question. Yes we do have the larger trays of sushi and sashimi. Ask the waitstaff, and they can let you know more details.

Gluten Free Menu Items

by Yong Tingley on 05/12/10

Kati from http://www.glutenfreegirlie.com asked:  Do you have menu items that are gluten free?


We do have gluten free menu items.  Ask for gluten free soy sauce.

We have provided a list below.  Thank you, Take Sushi.


Unagi Don

Hwe Dup Bob





Vegetarian Maki


Asparagus roll

Avocado roll

Avocado cucumber roll

Crunch Veggie roll

Cucumber roll

Kampyo roll


Oshinko roll

Plain fashion

Spicy Tofu roll

Ume shiso

Veggie Futomaki


Sushi & sashimi

Hamachi Sashimi

Hirame Usuzukuri

Sushi Appetizer

Sashimi appetizer

Sushi Regular

Sushi Deluxe

Sushi for Two deluxe

Sushi & sashimi combo

Sashimi regular

Sashimi Deluxe

Sashimi for Two deluxe

Sashimi deluxe

Sashimi special

T.Y. sashimi


Raw Maki roll

Alaskan roll

Dynamite roll

Luxury roll

Michigan roll

Negi Hama

Negi Toro

Ninja roll

Pilla Roll

Rainbow Roll

Salmon Roll

Salmon Avocado Roll

Salmon Fashion

Salmon Tsutsumi

Spicy Scallop roll

Spicy tuna roll

Sunny California roll

Tuna roll

Tuna avocado roll


Nigiri  Sushi-Raw

Fatty tuna






Red Snapper



Sea Urchin

Smoked Salmon


Surf clam

Sweet shrimp


Wasabi Masago

White tuna

Yellow tuna


Nigiri  Sushi-Cooked

Crab meat


King Crab




Cooked Maki Roll

Boston roll

California roll

Caterpillar roll

East roll

EelAvocado roll

Eel cucumber roll

Eel Fashion roll

Futo Maki

Green river roll

King crab roll

Lobster salad roll

Salmon skin roll

Shrimp fashion roll

Spider roll

Tears roll

Tiger Spider roll



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